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Secured by Design

Secured by Design is a UK non-profit organisation that analyses the security of windows, external doors, cars and door locks.

The testing that these products are subjected to differ from standard security tests as they involve a much greater level of attack.

Using greater force ensures products meet a higher standard of security and provides vital assurance to the consumer.

The Secured by Design scheme is a police initiative that uses innovations in security design to help improve security features and reduce crime.

Research shows that products which have been designed to meet Secured by Design standards can reduce criminal damage by 25% and burglary and car theft by 50%.

The Secured by Design initiative is operated by ACPO Crime Prevention Initiatives Limited and is funded through partnerships with the companies whose products meet the Secured by Design technical standards, as identified by ACPO CPI.

Companies are only allowed to use the 'Secured by Design' logo on their products if they have matched the high security standards as tested by ACPO CPI. The 'Secured by Design' logo is the assurance to customers that the product has been put through enhanced security tests, and more importantly have passed.

Our doors come with a Secured by Design endorsed eight point locking system as standard. It has been tested to the enhanced standard set by the Secured by Design scheme.