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5 Years Guarantee

The Composite Door Store supplies each composite door with a 5 year guarantee.

This guarantee is subject to the door being treated in full accordance with any guidelines issued by the Composite Door Store on the handling, storage, maintenance and usage of the door.

The guarantee only applies to composite doors fitted in the Republic of Ireland that were supplied by the Composite Door Store.

We guarantee our composite doors for 5 years. This guarantee begins from the date of manufacture for domestic use.

This guarantee states that the door leaf will not dent, chip, crack, flake or peel with normal use.

Any fading or discolouration which occurs to the door leaf will be within the acceptable range, as stated by the British Standards EN ISO 11341 guidelines for paints and varnishes (within a Grey Scale Rating of 3-4).

The hardware supplied with our composite door will retain standard functionality with normal use and will not rust.

The uPVC outer frames supplied with the doors will retain shape, stability, impact strength and colour.

Any triple glazing supplied with the door will retain good vision and all seals will remain in tact.

Our guarantee excludes damage caused due to neglect, misuse or impact (wilful or otherwise), excessive wear and tear, any damage or fault caused by not following the supplied guidelines, failures due to building subsidence or poor installation, modifications or alterations made after installation and acts of God.

If a product is found to be faulty under the terms of the guarantee, we will supply and deliver a new product or component at no cost to the customer. We reserve the right to alter our product catalogue at any point. If any design or component has been discontinued, we will supply the closest product of the same specification.

We do not accept liability for any losses (direct or consequential) resulting from any claim against this guarantee, including any costs incurred for refitting.