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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a composite door?

A composite door is an exterior door made from a multitude of materials, instead of a singular material such as wood or uPVC. Our doors are made using a 65mm Reinforced Fibreglass Monocoque Structure to which a natural wood grained PVC skin is applied to the surface. Each item has been carefully selected to maximise the doors structural and aesthetic properties.


Why are composite doors considered to be better than other doors?

Composite doors are the very latest in door technology, and have been designed to banish the flaws of previous doors such as timber & uPVC. This knowledge coupled with the freedom to use multiple materials ensures that composite doors will not warp, twist or bow. They are also maintenance free and never require painting. They are also 6 times more heat retentive than timber and at least 3 times more than uPVC.


What are composite doors made from?

Our doors are made using a 65mm Reinforced Fibreglass Monocoque Structure to which a natural wood grained PVC skin is applied to the surface.
Each item has been carefully selected to maximise the doors structural and aesthetic properties.
See cross section:

What colour is the inside of the door?

Most composite door suppliers only offer white as an inside option, but with us you can choose any colour you wish from our colour chart.


How long do composite doors last?

According to data from the Housing Association Provident Mutual and the Building Research Establishment, composite door structures are expected to last 35 years. Moving parts must be oiled yearly to ensure optimum performance.


How much do composite doors cost?

The easiest and fastest way to determine the cost of a composite door for your property is to use our door designer. This unique and handy application allows you to see the price of your composite door as you select your options.


How do I order from the Composite Door Store?

Our composite doors can be ordered online via our unique door designer. The ordering system is clearly laid out to include all design options and manufacturing limitations. This ensures your quote/order can be processed entirely online by you. If you need help, please feel free to contact us 

Can I fax you a quote?

Yes, but there is no need; everything can be priced online for an instant price

How much is delivery?

Delivery is FREE within the Republic of Ireland 

How long will my order take?

Our doors are typically shipped directly to you within 21 days of ordering. 

Can I pick a custom glass?

All door models have several different glass designs and backing glasses to choose from. 

Are there different qualities of composite door?

Yes, conventional composite doors are comprised of two 2mm skins bonded to a foam core. Our doors use a superior 65mm Reinforced Fibreglass Monocoque Structure. This monocoque structure does not only make our doors very durable and heat retentive, but also makes your door extremely strong and virtually impossible to break through. If you don’t believe us, then watch our demonstration video and see the difference for yourself.


Can composite doors be made to measure?

All of our composite doors are made to the measurements you give us. A nationwide fitting service is also available should you need it.

Can composite doors be painted?

All of our composite doors feature coloured skins.
This colour runs through the skin, rather than coating the surface.
It does not wear away or fade like surface paints do.
This ensures that the colour is long-lasting and reduces your maintenance levels to zero.
All you need to do is clean the door with a cloth if it becomes dirty.
If over time you become tired of the colour you have chosen, then you can paint the door, but only with high quality car body paint. 

Can composite doors open without a key?

Yes, in fact we offer two handle options:

Option 1: Lever Pad Handle

The Lever Pad handle locks automatically once the door closes. Your door will be secure from people walking in once it is on the latch. However, for added peace of mind, simply lift the handle vertically and it will engage all 8 locking points into place. A turn of the key will then double lock it.

Option 2: Lever Lever Handle

The Lever Lever handle will always remain open to outsiders, unless the handle is lifted vertically and the key is turned.

My existing door is alarmed, what do I do?

Before your door arrives and prior to installation, it is recommended that you call your alarm company to disconnect your alarm. Once your new door is in place you may then have them call back to reconnect.

Can you get side-panels or fanlights?

Yes, we supply matching side panels and fanlights with all door models, if required. These side panels can match your composite door in colour and glazing, or else you can choose contrasting options…the choice is yours.  

How do I care for my composite door?

Caring for your composite door is easy. For optimal performance, it is important to oil all moving parts including hinges and handles on a yearly basis. Apart from that, the only maintenance required is to wipe the surface of the door down whenever it gets dirty.  

Are composite doors draughty?

Composite doors are designed to never warp, twist or bend so should not be draughty. If you are experiencing draughts, make sure that your composite door is properly fitted and that the hinges have been adjusted correctly.

If you have any questions about our composite doors, please contact us.